A Broken Clipboard

I believe everybody in this whole universe has their very own thing. Sometimes, thing we never expected to be special eventually will be special. The same thing happens to me now. My clipboard was broken a weak ago. So what? Yes, it may probably sound very not important for most people. But as I have said in advance, a little we-never-expected thing can probably be your special thing if it is full of memories. It was broken by my youngest sister. She is almost 9 years old and knows nothing.

I was done with my first entrance test tryout. I was so exhausted and barely did a thing. I just threw my bag, including my clipboard to every place I like in my house. The following morning I  found out my loveliest clipboard broken. It had been so fragile so if any hard thing touches it, it can endanger its life. Thing happened so fast unexpectedly. Many would think, “So what if your clipboard is broken? You can buy a new one. You don’t need to be a CEO of a company to have one.” I agree that it’s affordable. Very affordable. But what saddens me is the memories in it. I have had and used it for four years almost five years perhaps. I can still clearly remember the struggle I had to buy it. I was in senior year at Junior High  School.

My mom had bought me a lot of clipboards and she would be so mad if I asked her to buy me  new one every time I wreck it. So in order not to make her mad at met again, I intended to buy new one immediately. I was in ninth grade where many tryouts pilled up and exams awaited ahead. I went home by walk while my friends took the public transportation.  I did it all only to save up. With a place face and innocent look, I always did the same thing ever day to go home after school. By walk. I never thought what people thought of, what comment they gave to me. Till the day came, I could finally buy the new one. I couldn’t believe I had my first clipboard bought all by myself. White-colored clipboard was my perfect color at that time. I promised since then not to wreck it. Many unforgettable days I had spent with my clipboard. It had been my life history witness.

Yes, for me honestly my clipboard was my most honest friend that witnessed every thing I do in life. It witnessed when I got 37.35 score for national examination in Junior High School. When every semester I had to exams and I always used it. It’s like a living thing for me. It shouldn’t be called ‘it’. It should have name just like human being. I don’t care if it’s overrated but it has been with me for almost five years. I intended to carve my history with it next year when I will take second SBMPTN Entrance Test. Now it’s broken. It’s passed away. Meaning I should have new one. Leave it and throw it into a bin.  It’s torn apart into two sides unevenly. I would do anything to have it back to me. If I could go back to place it in a proper place, I would’ve done that.

I regret. I do regret. The memories in it are so many to be just thrown away into a bin. I thought I am going to college, so my time with it will be very limited since in college the tests are essay and not multiple choices like in high school that need clipboard to darken our answers on answer sheet. Memories in 34 (High School), 131 (Junior High School) and entrance test are so hard to get over. If you have a special thing, you had better put it away from people. Do not ever let anyone touch or even reach it then play it. If it’s special, put it somewhere that only you that know exactly. Don’t evet let yourself down to regret things that won’t be back.