2013 Ends with a Portentous Conclusion

by kikysiregar

Apparently, I closed 2013 with an amazing conclusion. In the end of the year I had a truly awesome experience I won’t ever forget in life. It was on 27th of December, the Speak! Magazine’s Deputy Editor, Natasha Ishak mailed me to tell that I passed through the first cut of Speaker! Competition. I was a little bit flabbergasted with the news as I don’t really think it’s my best essay I can write (you may have to know that I am a world class procrastinator to put off writing essay till the deadline comes eventhough I am so in love with it. But basically, I put off doing things for reason. Looking for a good topic to write about). Case point: I am officially invited to come to the Jakarta Post office for an interview. If I make through this cut too, I will definitely walk with a big smile on face to final round. 

Seriously, I have never expected to pass this cut. I really wanted to join this competition so bad but I put a small expectation to pass this. I feel a little bit proud of myself since this is an amazing and awesome achievement I have got so far. It may probably be a stepping stone to my success. Speaking of the essay competition, I wrote a moral-themed essay. I chose moral instead education as the main topic simply because basically I am concerned about three things I consider very crucial for the world. They are education, moral, and environment. And… In my perspective, I see moral places the first layer of the education meaning that it is the basic platform of building a good education.

Another reason why I chose moral as the topic of my essay because moral has been whirring in my head for three years when I was in high school until now after I graduated. I just feel like I have seen a lot of civilization there, where I saw some of my friends unbelievably turned either into a wild person from nice one or bad person from good one. When I also saw unfairness and things that could not be morally justified happened. Moreover, when they made a big movement which I think so immoral to do. They just make me so concerned about the situation that youth have to face nowadays. As I don’t see current youth can’t protect themselves from negativity.  

Then, I am just always sad every time I switch on the TV I saw loads of children still can’t get proper education while the government without feeling guilty, they corrupted the people’s money. They have to pass a broken bridge which a river is underneath and can endanger their life. They have to study in a-truly-not-qualified-to-occupy broken room that sometimes it can collapse and kill the people in it. Those things always move my heart to do something and sometimes make me so annoyed all this time with the government. Where are they? The children out there are genuinely in need of our help. They should give their hands to overcome all of this problems. Because education is an important thing to develop a nation!

Indonesia always wants betterment. So education and moral have to be fixed first before making a movement. Moral is the foundation, the basic education that they should obtain. Education is the root of everything. Everything comes from education. 

Okay, if I continue telling the reasons, I am gonna be so on fire that can infuriate me. Back to the main topic that I was invited for an interview. So I came to their office yesterday. It’s geographically located in central Jakarta and yeah in a very long distance with my house. my first impression when I arrived: This is cool. The paper and magazine I always love to read invite me to come. I am an important guest. And I am standing  in front of its office. Not a high building kinda small, but it’s so cool for an office. I am so grateful that I wasn’t really late because when I stepped in and asked to receptionist, she told me the speaker finalists went to the first floor. I wasn’t in rush to catch them up and be the first for the interview. I just don’t want to put a high expectation for this. I just think everything will go smoothly if I don’t hope. 

I met her, the one I always read her name in the magazine. Kak Natasha Ishak. The deputy editor. She is so welcoming for real. She shook my hand and gave me a form to fill out. I also met the three contestants there. They’re all chick. And two of them are still junior. I actually didn’t take a long time to fill out the form as I am always interested in filling out such paper. 

I came as the last person for an interview. And when I got in to their office room, I was so shocked that the people interviewed me was not only kak Natasha, but also Bruce Edmond. I don’t know what position he sits in, but I am just shock. I was brought back to some years ago when I was in high school. Perhaps when I was in eleventh grade, somehow I follow him because I did have a habit of looking foreigners to follow what they talked on twitter for improving my English purpose. I still remember he’s apparently in love with my country and his Indonesian is good. I mentioned him and he replied me. OMG, he is an important one in real life, huh?

We shook our hands and here we go, they interviewed me. They asked me based on the form I have filled out. It didn’t take a long time for me to respond every single question that they gave to me. I sometimes made a joke when they asked me about the people I look up to. They also gave me some advice on the essay I made that it should be more improved. They told me that if I make through it to the final round, then I will have to be well prepared with the stuff. I am gonna present a presentation. They said I have to be more clear to things I want to make for the better. Most importantly, they are truly welcoming. I still wanna laugh when Bruce felt confused with the other person I look up to, Miley. And what made me a bit confidence is that he said he’s interested in me and I wanna see me better. 

Well, it ain’t bad at all. But if I make it through too, then first, I am gonna be shocked. Second, I will panic. Third, I will prepare everything. Fourth, I don’t want to put a great expectation. But… I have to still wait up for the result. But if I don’t make it through, that’s okay. This is a great achievement so far for the one who always procrastinate to write an important essay. I can come along again next year when I am in college and ready to make a better essay. I still have loads of chances. 

2013, you do end with a portentous conclusion.