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Month: July, 2014

Welcoming Futuristic Days, Months, Years, and Life

So after celebrating all this satisfactory achievements, now, it’s time to be serious and focus. I don’t want to be drown to this lasting happiness then forget everything. This year, I have committed to myself that I want to be consistent to undergo my three and a half (hopefully) years ahead in International Relations UI, take it seriously, make more achievements, and use time efficiently. I also want to start again learning languages that have been postponed two years ago for examination focus purposes.

Lately, I have been preparing things for student orientation period like the scrapbook, slayer, name tag, and making group (the hard one). Now, everything feels so different. Totally everything feels unprecedented. For instance, last year, I was so apathetic with the orientation till my parents (both) mostly took over the job to make things done. Well, my parents did that for reasons. I wasn’t into with the major at all. I wasn’t accepted into my desired major and university then my parents insisted me to take another exam and that thing above happened. But now, I feel happy doing all this stuff all by myself. I even want to beautify the orientation assignment like putting on more ornaments and pictures although I don’t do that (the committee doesn’t want us to be exaggerated). I have been enjoying this moment indeed.

This time, I don’t have to exhaust my dad to drive and wait for me till drop when orientation like in the past. Fifteen minutes needed to drive me there and my father can go home safely since UI is pretty close with my resident. Starting now, there are no longer dismissive behaviors that turn me down. I am not an underdog anymore. I am someone now. Now, I am starting my new futuristic life.

More ambitiously, I have a vision about where to go after graduating from UI in hopefully 2018. It’s MIT Sloan School of Management, the new destination that I hope it will be a right place for me and right target to achieve thereafter. GMAT and GRE will become necessity for the requirements I should take to fulfill my magister’s degree application. In my next post, I will tell the whole story of having a decision to plan to study at MIT Sloan. Now the targets I have should pursue are be well planned and organized. So that, from now on, I gotta be focus to my academic life. I don’t want my time to be wasted.


The Past Prior to Victory

Before being accepted as international relations student, I was accepted as communication student at the same university. As you may know, I followed two university entrance test, SBMPTN and SIMAK UI (independent examination to enter certain university held by University of Indonesia). Thank god, in the first upshot, it told me that I am accepted as communication student at UI. I was happy but not as happy as now. Because not long after that, I am accepted as international relations student.

I am totally grateful for the achievement I got so far. So, taking a gap year and focusing only on university entrance exam ain’t a waste at all. I couldn’t be happier than live this surprising year that truly depicts my passion and prayers. To make my post more cool, here I attach a captured upshot.

Pengumuman SBMPTN

This is one of great achievements I deserve to obtain so far. This year is truly tremendous. What a lovely year. Hard work is paid now. Prayers are granted. Good deeds will never be in vain.

I am the International Relations Student of Universitas Indonesia

I’m very startled. My prayer is granted. I can’t believe that this truly happens! So yesterday, after I finished eating to start fasting, three of my friends asked me about the SIMAK result. I was puzzled by their questions since all I know was SIMAK UI upshot would have been pronounced today.

In a very split of time I realized that the committee might run the schedule forward. I briskly went on the internet and got ready for the worst. I braved myself to see the result. And out of my expectation, I am accepted as the International Relations Students of Universitas Indonesia!


Siti Rizqi Ashfina Rahmaddina Siregar, test number 2024900148, I am legitimately accepted in Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social Science and Political Science, University of Indonesia.

This year is not a waste at all. Now, I believe that big sacrifice will get big reward. I deserve this. I might have not admitted and realized that my passion is actually this. If looking back a year ago or so, I might be in my dark age where I should attend a class that I was not truly passionate about at all. But this year is very tremendous. All hard work is paid. My never-know-tireless studying has driven me to this victory. The ups and downs that I have been through, the underestimation that I have got, the sadness, the climb, and all that have indirectly made me a better person personally.

I have never believed that I will be accepted in that major since I know it’s hard to reach out with limited quotas. But yesterday, that morning, my parents witnessed my victory and I can finally give them a pride they’ve been waiting for all this time. Restlessness is all paid off. Two exams I followed admitted me that I deserve to be University of Indonesia student. Seeing this, I have never regret a thing and had any remorse to leave my original path, natural science. Now, I can prove to my friends that I am now at the same level like they are.

So, a year ago, my friends might undermine me for not being accepted in any university and having too high dreams. But now, I have achieved more than what they have. Not having any intention to be conceited, but being successful to reach out this major gives me a power to subvert all of disparagement from people who despised me.

If people ask me now, what truly depicts me currently, I’ll answer “Grateful”. FISIP UI ahead, next target: conquer the whole things there and get the best GPA. It may be a bit ambitious, but, yeah. Catching up a year of delay is now becoming necessity.

FISIP UI, I am coming!

A Sheet of Beatrix Potter's Novel

Expectation vs Reality

It’s 4 more days!

Yes, 4 more days I’ll get to know the result of the university entrance test. To be honest, this is horrifying. Waiting for results is utterly excruciating. During this time, all that have been whirring in my head is “God, please grant my prayers.” Plus, if looking back to the wrongdoings that I might do in test, it makes me worried more and more.

Since the university entrance exam was done, I’ve never wanted to go on to zenius, the online learning I used to use to prepare myself for university entrance exam since the preparation and exam were done. I don’t even want to check my answers with the key, just let God give me the best result that is feasible and comparable with my effort. As those in what happens in presidential election this time, where several survey institutions issue different quick counts, now the two candidates let the general commission of election do the real count for the official result.

After days having not gone on the internet as I used to do, today I just opened up a twitter account, unofficial, but gives more certainty information regarding entrance exam. So, here it is as you can see below:

It’s been only hopes that I can see so far while waiting for the certainty and miracle that may hopefully happen.

I always remember what my mom always says to me:

“If you are destined to be there, then there’s no need to be worried about.

God will lead you to there very smoothly.”

That quote always convinces me to keep unruffled, believe in my capability, and stay confident.

Prior to Presidential Election

Today! The crucial day has come! Can’t wait to go to the polls for the better Indonesia. Salam  dua jari! 

Preference, Support, and Vote #2

Regardless of our desires about whom to vote, it is our privilege to decide based on our heart and mind assessment. No need to feel so righteous with voting the candidate we think the best. No need to be sentimental towards other people’s preference. Every body must have beliefs with their very own preference.

However, I personally see, deem, view, based on surveys I did like asking friends and neighbors and based on my personal analysis from both printed and electronic media that highlight this phenomenal candidate and hopefully future president of Republic of Indonesia long before the presidential election alone. This governor has been renowned for his ‘blusukan’, homeliness, sudden inspection at political districts, KJP (Jakarta Smart Card), and KJS (Jakarta Healthy Card). It’s all real, it all happened. Most importantly, I can feel what he’s done.

I vote for him for what he has done, for his vision and mission, for his commitment to better Indonesia. He never solves problem with repressive actions. He upholds diversity, tolerance, human rights, prosperity, democracy, honesty, and all. He is the one who shows to me how important the transparency between government and people. He is the one who convinces me that not all governments are bad. This candidate doesn’t want to make any disputes between government and their people. That is why he always uses dialog or simply I say ‘peace’ way as means to overcome  the problems he has faced during his reigns in Jakarta and Solo and hopefully Indonesia.

Now, see the power of his peace or persuasive way as means to overcome the problem in Jakarta. Waduk Pluit, Tanah Abang, and bureaucracy for instance. They’re all very cool and clean now. That is a form of his wills to better and be passionate to work honestly. But what we have to respect and appreciate the most is his ideas and initiatives that not all people have and want to. This candidate want to embrace all people, ethnic groups, religions, and all diversities from Sabang to Merauke to be united.

This is my first time to vote. I don’t want my vote to be in vain and vote the wrong candidate. I also don’t want to be subjective in voting. I want to vote objectively. That’s why I did analysis from many sources. This time presidential election is very crucial. It determines Indonesian people’s lives within five years ahead and the betterment of Indonesia.

Anyways, this is not the time to hear issues then believe in or be responsive to them. This is the time for us all to be insightful and critical at acknowledging the candidates who are capable of leading Indonesia to betterment.

The greatest part of him at today presidential election is I think he is actually who enlivens current democracy party. Without him, it will be ordinary. That is why now we can see people who were apathetic and skeptic now turn out to be on fire to give their vote for the better Indonesia.

And oh! My vote also proves that my vote is objective since I never heard of issues and black campaign happening currently towards him. Again, I vote for him based on analysis, research, and performance during his reigns.

You will win, Pak Jokowi-JK in July 9th 2014.


Salam perdamaian, salam dua jari