Preference, Support, and Vote #2

by kikysiregar

Regardless of our desires about whom to vote, it is our privilege to decide based on our heart and mind assessment. No need to feel so righteous with voting the candidate we think the best. No need to be sentimental towards other people’s preference. Every body must have beliefs with their very own preference.

However, I personally see, deem, view, based on surveys I did like asking friends and neighbors and based on my personal analysis from both printed and electronic media that highlight this phenomenal candidate and hopefully future president of Republic of Indonesia long before the presidential election alone. This governor has been renowned for his ‘blusukan’, homeliness, sudden inspection at political districts, KJP (Jakarta Smart Card), and KJS (Jakarta Healthy Card). It’s all real, it all happened. Most importantly, I can feel what he’s done.

I vote for him for what he has done, for his vision and mission, for his commitment to better Indonesia. He never solves problem with repressive actions. He upholds diversity, tolerance, human rights, prosperity, democracy, honesty, and all. He is the one who shows to me how important the transparency between government and people. He is the one who convinces me that not all governments are bad. This candidate doesn’t want to make any disputes between government and their people. That is why he always uses dialog or simply I say ‘peace’ way as means to overcome  the problems he has faced during his reigns in Jakarta and Solo and hopefully Indonesia.

Now, see the power of his peace or persuasive way as means to overcome the problem in Jakarta. Waduk Pluit, Tanah Abang, and bureaucracy for instance. They’re all very cool and clean now. That is a form of his wills to better and be passionate to work honestly. But what we have to respect and appreciate the most is his ideas and initiatives that not all people have and want to. This candidate want to embrace all people, ethnic groups, religions, and all diversities from Sabang to Merauke to be united.

This is my first time to vote. I don’t want my vote to be in vain and vote the wrong candidate. I also don’t want to be subjective in voting. I want to vote objectively. That’s why I did analysis from many sources. This time presidential election is very crucial. It determines Indonesian people’s lives within five years ahead and the betterment of Indonesia.

Anyways, this is not the time to hear issues then believe in or be responsive to them. This is the time for us all to be insightful and critical at acknowledging the candidates who are capable of leading Indonesia to betterment.

The greatest part of him at today presidential election is I think he is actually who enlivens current democracy party. Without him, it will be ordinary. That is why now we can see people who were apathetic and skeptic now turn out to be on fire to give their vote for the better Indonesia.

And oh! My vote also proves that my vote is objective since I never heard of issues and black campaign happening currently towards him. Again, I vote for him based on analysis, research, and performance during his reigns.

You will win, Pak Jokowi-JK in July 9th 2014.


Salam perdamaian, salam dua jari