Expectation vs Reality

by kikysiregar

It’s 4 more days!

Yes, 4 more days I’ll get to know the result of the university entrance test. To be honest, this is horrifying. Waiting for results is utterly excruciating. During this time, all that have been whirring in my head is “God, please grant my prayers.” Plus, if looking back to the wrongdoings that I might do in test, it makes me worried more and more.

Since the university entrance exam was done, I’ve never wanted to go on to zenius, the online learning I used to use to prepare myself for university entrance exam since the preparation and exam were done. I don’t even want to check my answers with the key, just let God give me the best result that is feasible and comparable with my effort. As those in what happens in presidential election this time, where several survey institutions issue different quick counts, now the two candidates let the general commission of election do the real count for the official result.

After days having not gone on the internet as I used to do, today I just opened up a twitter account, unofficial, but gives more certainty information regarding entrance exam. So, here it is as you can see below:

It’s been only hopes that I can see so far while waiting for the certainty and miracle that may hopefully happen.

I always remember what my mom always says to me:

“If you are destined to be there, then there’s no need to be worried about.

God will lead you to there very smoothly.”

That quote always convinces me to keep unruffled, believe in my capability, and stay confident.