I am the International Relations Student of Universitas Indonesia

by kikysiregar

I’m very startled. My prayer is granted. I can’t believe that this truly happens! So yesterday, after I finished eating to start fasting, three of my friends asked me about the SIMAK result. I was puzzled by their questions since all I know was SIMAK UI upshot would have been pronounced today.

In a very split of time I realized that the committee might run the schedule forward. I briskly went on the internet and got ready for the worst. I braved myself to see the result. And out of my expectation, I am accepted as the International Relations Students of Universitas Indonesia!


Siti Rizqi Ashfina Rahmaddina Siregar, test number 2024900148, I am legitimately accepted in Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social Science and Political Science, University of Indonesia.

This year is not a waste at all. Now, I believe that big sacrifice will get big reward. I deserve this. I might have not admitted and realized that my passion is actually this. If looking back a year ago or so, I might be in my dark age where I should attend a class that I was not truly passionate about at all. But this year is very tremendous. All hard work is paid. My never-know-tireless studying has driven me to this victory. The ups and downs that I have been through, the underestimation that I have got, the sadness, the climb, and all that have indirectly made me a better person personally.

I have never believed that I will be accepted in that major since I know it’s hard to reach out with limited quotas. But yesterday, that morning, my parents witnessed my victory and I can finally give them a pride they’ve been waiting for all this time. Restlessness is all paid off. Two exams I followed admitted me that I deserve to be University of Indonesia student. Seeing this, I have never regret a thing and had any remorse to leave my original path, natural science. Now, I can prove to my friends that I am now at the same level like they are.

So, a year ago, my friends might undermine me for not being accepted in any university and having too high dreams. But now, I have achieved more than what they have. Not having any intention to be conceited, but being successful to reach out this major gives me a power to subvert all of disparagement from people who despised me.

If people ask me now, what truly depicts me currently, I’ll answer “Grateful”. FISIP UI ahead, next target: conquer the whole things there and get the best GPA. It may be a bit ambitious, but, yeah. Catching up a year of delay is now becoming necessity.

FISIP UI, I am coming!