The Past Prior to Victory

by kikysiregar

Before being accepted as international relations student, I was accepted as communication student at the same university. As you may know, I followed two university entrance test, SBMPTN and SIMAK UI (independent examination to enter certain university held by University of Indonesia). Thank god, in the first upshot, it told me that I am accepted as communication student at UI. I was happy but not as happy as now. Because not long after that, I am accepted as international relations student.

I am totally grateful for the achievement I got so far. So, taking a gap year and focusing only on university entrance exam ain’t a waste at all. I couldn’t be happier than live this surprising year that truly depicts my passion and prayers. To make my post more cool, here I attach a captured upshot.

Pengumuman SBMPTN

This is one of great achievements I deserve to obtain so far. This year is truly tremendous. What a lovely year. Hard work is paid now. Prayers are granted. Good deeds will never be in vain.