Welcoming Futuristic Days, Months, Years, and Life

by kikysiregar

So after celebrating all this satisfactory achievements, now, it’s time to be serious and focus. I don’t want to be drown to this lasting happiness then forget everything. This year, I have committed to myself that I want to be consistent to undergo my three and a half (hopefully) years ahead in International Relations UI, take it seriously, make more achievements, and use time efficiently. I also want to start again learning languages that have been postponed two years ago for examination focus purposes.

Lately, I have been preparing things for student orientation period like the scrapbook, slayer, name tag, and making group (the hard one). Now, everything feels so different. Totally everything feels unprecedented. For instance, last year, I was so apathetic with the orientation till my parents (both) mostly took over the job to make things done. Well, my parents did that for reasons. I wasn’t into with the major at all. I wasn’t accepted into my desired major and university then my parents insisted me to take another exam and that thing above happened. But now, I feel happy doing all this stuff all by myself. I even want to beautify the orientation assignment like putting on more ornaments and pictures although I don’t do that (the committee doesn’t want us to be exaggerated). I have been enjoying this moment indeed.

This time, I don’t have to exhaust my dad to drive and wait for me till drop when orientation like in the past. Fifteen minutes needed to drive me there and my father can go home safely since UI is pretty close with my resident. Starting now, there are no longer dismissive behaviors that turn me down. I am not an underdog anymore. I am someone now. Now, I am starting my new futuristic life.

More ambitiously, I have a vision about where to go after graduating from UI in hopefully 2018. It’s MIT Sloan School of Management, the new destination that I hope it will be a right place for me and right target to achieve thereafter. GMAT and GRE will become necessity for the requirements I should take to fulfill my magister’s degree application. In my next post, I will tell the whole story of having a decision to plan to study at MIT Sloan. Now the targets I have should pursue are be well planned and organized. So that, from now on, I gotta be focus to my academic life. I don’t want my time to be wasted.