Will I be Here?

by kikysiregar

CommencementThis is a part of MIT Commencement view prior to the commencement, I suppose. The question of “Will I be Here?” has been whirring in my head for 5 years since I graduated from middle school. Do not ever think that this is a form of ambition because it is not an ambition at all. It is such a dream that has not been pursued yet. I have always dreamed of being MIT student since middle school. At first, I planned to take any engineering majors if accepted because I was so in love with physics. But when I underwent life in secondary school, I realized that I was not good at it. Now, I am an IR student. It was a little bit sad to know that mom wants me to major IR and not architecture that I’ve always desired.

Since I stepped my foot in secondary school, I planned to continue my higher education here, taking my undergraduate program in MIT. I have genuinely never had any thoughts to be an UI student. MIT has lots of compelling things to offer. Celebrating diversity is also my reason to be there. Doing research, trying to apply, and looking for financial aid were what I actively did in secondary school.

At first, everything what I plan, my dream in MIT was dashed or vanished because I am an IR student or social science student, can I still continue my master degree there? My question for master degree in social science was answered thereafter. MIT is the best institution ever in the world that is not a holy grail for engineering student. But also for social sciences student. They have faculty named SHASS standing for School of Humanity, Arts, and Social Sciences. They definitely have IR concentrations under Department of Politics.


Taken from MIT instagram @mitpics, the photograph of MIT SHASS

I thought I am so in love with this institution and can’t wait to be their students and be a part of MIT family. HERE IT IS! That is the picture I just took. Since the first day of my college day kick-off, I plan to take Department of Politics or MITSloan as my preferences for master degree program. I plan to take International Relations and Security Studies if accepted in Dept. of Politics. I do hope this one, my dream, can be solely pursued. Love love MIT.